• Mar 04, 19

What is your favorite thing about working and living in Albania? Tell us about it and why you love it.

Definitely my family and my job! They are the motivation my life makes sense in this country. I have an amazing family that inspires and supports me to move forward in everything. I work because I love my job and I feel lucky that I have chosen what I do and not vice versa...dedicating time to my family also.

When your non-Albanian friends visit for the first time, what are two things you tell them they must do, see, or try?

I suggest them to stay at least 5 days in Albania. And considering the fact that I love the sea, the first thing I recommend them, is to spend a few days at South Albania from Vlora to Saranda. Of course, the food is a strong point that makes you fall in love with our country ; they say that love comes first from the stomach. 

What is the most interesting and positive thing that surprises people who visit Albania?

Albania itself! Being part of the media, I understand that today, what makes news is an explosion, or protest, or a crime in family or mafia, a cheating in between famous people... and Albania somewhere is mentioned somewhere not. The good things are reserved or not said at all, or are monopolised by the powerful people. The diamond is not always shown, sometimes is even been kept secret. When they discover Albania, they realise it and keep it in the memory as a precious stone.

When you travel around Albania, where do you like to go and why?

Everywhere I like, I fall in love with every view: sea, mountain, village, river. Let's not forget that I m spoiled by the fate... and my fate are the people. 

What’s your favorite Albanian food and why?

Fishshshsh! I m not a carnivore. I like everything that is delicious and everyone that knows me it's aware that I like to eat. I like a lot traditional food and the secret ingredient they put inside is called "love". At least that's what happens to me!