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In a Europe that’s been tamed and explored, with rules and order around every corner, Albania is the last defender of the rugged. A place where the mountains have no roads, the rivers flow wild, and the beaches are unspoiled by the concrete promenades of the West.

Where adventure isn’t guided by velvet ropes or Lonely Planet guides, but by each and every footfall and the fire inside your soul.

A place where your routine will melt under the midday sun, and where you'll reinvigorate a zest for the undiscovered and experience the grit of nature beyond the confines of a map.


In popular culture, Albania has been colored as a haven for thugs, criminals, and gangsters. While we understand that perception might make for good movies, like Taken (2008), it’s wholly untrue! In reality, Albania is a beautiful and incredibly safe place to visit and live.

That’s why we’ve started this campaign to personally appeal to famed Taken actor, Mr. Liam Neeson. Watch the video and join us by signing the petition to get Mr. Neeson to Albania and Be Taken by its beautiful nature, hospitality and eternal traditions.

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Blerina Ago - Executive director "Taken by Albania"

What I want to tell, first of all is that, I love this place.

I love the energy it gives me whenever I raft into wild canyons and rivers, climb the mountains, soak in the crystal waters, or kayak in the lagoons.

Of course what I said above is not something I decided now, but this feeling has been formed with me over the years.

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The EU Ambassador Luigi Soreca

I have been taken by Albania for some time now. By its natural beauties, rich cultural heritage, delicious food and warm-hearted people! You as well might want to know the real Albania beyond prejudices. Europe and the world should know the real Albania.”

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Adrian Maître - the Swiss Ambassador in Albania

watch #takenbyalbania video book your holiday in Albania now

The initiative ‘Taken by Albania’ launched today at Tirana’s international airport. Created and produced with support from the Swiss Entrepreneurship Programme it will run throughout 2019 in traditional and social media.

A launching event near the runway of Tirana Internationa Airport aimed at sending out the message ‘Taken by Albania’ by announcing the official start the campaign with the same name.

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Ardit Gjebrea - Albanian singer, songwriter, producer and television presenter.

What is your favorite thing about working and living in Albania? Tell us about it and why you love it.

Definitely my family and my job! They are the motivation my life makes sense in this country. I have an amazing family that inspires and supports me to move forward in everything. I work because I love my job and I feel lucky that I have chosen what I do and not vice versa...dedicating time to my family also.

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Rolf Castro-Vasquez - CEO Tirana International Airport

What is your favourite thing about travelling, working and living in Albania? Please tell us a little about it and why you love it.

There are many beautiful things here. But first, I have to say my job. My work has been in Tirana for many years now, but I still love it, just like the first day: the whole work environment, the staff are absolutely fantastic, and I’m really proud to say that I give my contribution to this every day.

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Jakob M. - Swiss Entrepreneurship Program

How did Swiss EP  support this international digital advertising campaign for Albanian touristic promotion?

JM: We brought in Damjan Damjanovski, the expert, who came up with the 'Taken' theme for the campaign. He worked with Blerina for 2 days back in September here in Tirana. It was explosive, with ideas flying around and hard work being done.

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